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Nov 14 2012, 11:48 AM
Nov 13 2012, 10:21 PM
cant some priests marry these days? What is the big deal? Its a soap. Haven't priests fallen before? Just don't make him fall for nothing, that would get me really mad!
Minister's can marry not priest - the Catholic Religion does not allow it. As a Catholic I find this whole premise insulting, to have Eric give up his belief's so he can have a relationship with Nicole is low, they are again setting Nicole up as the manipulating bitch to mock. If they had chosen a religion where he as a minister is allowed marriage it would have been fine. But as usual they think it's not a big deal, having a priest shirtless and in a sexual situation. Well sorry not all of us want to see this kind of story depicted, pick on another religion and see the out cry. If they truly wanted Eric and Nicole as a couple they shouldn't have made him a priest.
I could live with Nicole and a minister but am not looking forward to seeing Nicole rolling around the sheets with Eric,a former priest(assuming they atleast have the decency to have him leave the priesthood before they actually engage in romantic behavior).I was hoping there was a mistake ,Eric was not a priest.We have already seen Nicole being vilified by half of Salem as a scheming bitch using her feminine wiles to cause Dan to "throw away" his life by going away with her.I am not looking forward to seeing the trend continue with Nicole in the position of having Eric choosing her over dedicating his life to God and goodworks.I can just imagine Sami,Marlena,Roman,
Lucas,Hope,Jennifer,Abby,Kate,Victor,etc.weighing in on the huge mistake Eric is making. Maybe they are going to have Eric work his magic on Nicole who will choose to become a nun.
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