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Nov 15 2012, 06:22 PM
Really EJ? I can't even believe that he actually had the audacity to refer to his and Nicole children as 'your dead babies', I mean dead or not did he really have to kick her while she's down, especially considering the crap he's done to her. And I'm so tired of the sanctimonious crap from all the women in Salem. I mean really Sami of all people has the audacity to call anyone out when she has pulled just as much if not more crap then Nicole, bitch please.
It's just the writers further way of destroying Ejole so now they can sell the pairings they're currently obsessed with. There's really no point in investing in any pairing on this show anymore, because no pairing is safe from being so in love one moment to being tossed aside like trash the next moment. :shame:
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