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Nov 15 2012, 06:23 PM
Nov 15 2012, 05:54 PM
The big takeaway from this for me is that I already like Greg Vaughn in this role. In the clip posted, he just feels...right. Charismatic. I'm comfortable with the destruction of Ejole for the sake of Ericole. I love James Scott, but E.J. is, as another member aptly noted, a "gross piece of shit". He's downright vile. That doesn't mean I want to see E.J. leave (definitely not), but I do want to indulge in the schadenfreude of watching him sink his chances with Sami yet again (because that's almost certainly how this thing is going to play out). I want Nicole to be in a better place, and with Eric that is much more likely - and his status as a priest means that even though he's a "good guy", there's an increased likelihood that their dynamics will be steamy and scandalous instead of the usual boring dreck that accompanies "good guys" on this show. A lot of people will have very strong opinions about them if they start falling back in love and the whole thing has plenty of potential.
I'd have been open to Ericole, but the whole dead baby sours my feelings to this show along with the continued destruction of Ejole. :shame: I can't get invested in another pairing or character anymore. If I decided to like Ericole and give them a try who's to say they won't try to destroy them at some point? My trust with this show is pretty much gone for good.

And really if Days wanted to pair Ejole with Brady twins or other people the least they could have done was give the couple proper closure so fans of the couple could move on. I'd have been open to given Ericole a chance, but the fact that they went to such great lengths to destroy a couple that was so much in love shows me that what's on my screen may not matter now and that in the long run there's no point in investing in any pairing on this show, because the writers will have no problem destroying them the second the find a new pairing to obsess over. :shame:
I do agree that it's hard to trust this show and that they wreck pairs very easily. The last time Ejole were together it was clear that E.J. really loved her. He was besotted with her for probably the first time in their history. The fact that he's so fickle that he can forget all of that now is terribly frustrating. Stefano is a villian but he still has real feelings and it seems E.J. just goes in whatever direction the wind blows. Even though there is a lot of bad blood between Ejole now (and really, that's not exactly new), human beings don't forget such strong feelings so easily. Brady is a good example of that - his friendship with Nicole continues to exist, I think, because of residual memories of a time when they meant a great deal to each other. E.J. drops women so easily and has such little emotional depth in his romantic life and that's why I don't really care anymore about the destruction of Ejole. His reference to "dead babies" in this episode was pretty much it for me. He's just a prick. They don't have to redeem E.J.'s entire character and make him into some sappy "good guy" in order give his attitudes toward his relationships greater complexity, right...?

Anyway...so yeah, the writers may not take Ericole in the direction I want them to, and even if they do, they might just fuck me over again after I've invested myself, but I'm just holding on to any glimmer of something fresh right now.
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