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Nov 15 2012, 05:36 PM
Sami was hilarious with Eric. I'm going to enjoy their sibling relationship.

EJ was COLD BLOODED with Nicole but it needed to be said. I love Nik but that's how I feel. There was nothing EJ could do that would match the hell she is going through and it's mostly by her own hand. He has washed his hands of her. I don't blame him. I like that Eric is there for her. If Nicole is going to make a comeback she needs the right person to help her along. I think she has that guy now. It'll be a tough journey but she'll get there.

I'm :chee: over the Bristen stuff. They are HAWT!!

Ejami finally has a scene together in what feels like forever. Oh, those crazy kids. :wub: I know I'm going to enjoy their new working relationship. I know EJ said "There is no us." to Sami but I bet there was a "...yet" in his mind. :laugh: I can't wait!
Nicole's second baby just died along with what was likely her last chance to have a biological child.EJ knew that the baby was his baby.Nicole's lie about the paternity of the baby does not justify what EJ said to her and I hate that the writers just have her take it without fighting back.EJ has done much worse than lie about paternity.He is a hypocritical sack of sh-t.He is already lying to and manipulating Sami.I am so looking forward to Sami dumping him and I hope Nicole gets to rub that dumping in his face.
Sami is such an ungrateful delusional bit-h.What doe she mean jobs are hard to find.John offered her a job with Basic Black and she turned him down.She is so good at her job that Stefano put Kristen in charge because the company was being run into the ground.
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