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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Dannifer were super special and extra nice today? Dan's sweater was big and the sleeves extra long, it looked weird.
Jennifer is so ignorant. Being so nice and sweet to want to help fix Dan's hand and promising that he won't be alone. SC out played MR in their scenes today. His sexual tension was evident, he could have jumped her then and there. Jennifer was rather neutral. I doubt she consciously realizes that her actions are leading Daniel on. I can't say MR had that sparkle in her eye for Daniel like in the past, their chemistry was not there even if they had a soapy stare moment with each other. I guess TPTB are playing this way until Jennifer is ready to move on with her feelings. Somehow, I don't think Jennifer's JackGrief has yet to come out. I think her being over protective and caring towards Dan is in response to not being there for Jack. I could be 100% wrong... time will tell.
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