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Eric Martsolf Twitter Chat with Soap Opera Fan

EM answered more questions, but these were the most Days related. His answers are in italics.

@CanadianChick74: @ericmartsolf Are you a prankster on the set? #DaysLiveChat Take a guess. Ask Zucker.

@happymegwv: @ericmartsolf @soapoperafan #dayslivechat how do you like working with Eileen Davidson? I'm in love.

@lizzie20114: @ericmartsolf Have you had the chance to work with Greg Vaughn yet? #DaysLiveChat Yes. We've prayed together.

@Highfield52: @ericmartsolf who was ur favorite Brady girlfriend! To select one would be criminal. And I would be beaten by the others.

@Jamieljohnson31: @ericmartsolf @soapoperafan Will Brady get a love interest that won't die? Ha!

@UKAlli13: @ericmartsolf @soapoperafan Do you see a friendship emerging between Brady and Eric? ! #DaysLiveChat Step bros unite.

@BethMcKamy: @ericmartsolf Any hint to a Brady/Jennifer/Daniel triangle? :) #DaysLiveChat Daniel's feelings would really get hurt though.

@xoKeren: @ericmartsolf what was you favourite scene to shoot in 2012? :) #dayslivechat I just shot it last month. You'll have to wait.

@arpoli85: @ericmartsolf #DaysLiveChat who would u like to see return to the show? Wouldn't mind seeing my sister back

@PSuzieqR: @ericmartsolf & Nicole ever reunite? The other girlfriends don't have bats waitin 2attack :-) I don't sweat Nic.

@Ejole4ever: @ericmartsolf can we expect a bricole friendship. Love them #DaysLiveChat It never died.

@HaleyVsSimone: @ericmartsolf Any chance Brady & Nicole will get back together? #DaysLiveChat Where there's a will...

@one_better1207: @ericmartsolf Did you ever want to play a different character on Days? #dayslivechat I like my guy. He's out there

@DianeRo: @ericmartsolf What do you think Brady's 2013 new years resolution should be? #dayslivechat Lay off protein drinks.

@MATTEMC_: @ericmartsolf what is one thing that makes brady different then the other dudes of #DOOL ? Large Shoe size.

@Bopefan217: @ericmartsolf what has been your favorite storyline u have done on days?:) #dayslivechat Burying Vivian alive was stellar.

@Rahma2701: What was your biggest concern taking over the character of Brady Black? @ericmartsolf Having too much fun

@daisypinay: @ericmartsolf chloe & brady reunion in 2013??? #dayslivechat That's trouble! But feasible...hmmm

@daiseyflower1: @ericmartsolf Will we get to see Brady give Ej a much needed punch for bullying sucidal women? #DaysLiveChat Round 1....

@melcristini: @ericmartsolf would you want Brady to get involved with a current or new character? #DaysLiveChat I'm not picky.

@DianeRo: @ericmartsolf Describe Brady Black in 3 words. Describe Eric Martsolf in 3 words #dayslivechat Loyal, addictive, wild.

@peachsouth09: @ericmartsolf Which actor makes it hard to get thru scenes cause they make you laugh so hard? John Aniston.

@Jen12477: @ericmartsolf Do you think Nicole should go to therapy before jumping into a new love interest ? She needs to go stat!

@saraGG14: @ericmartsolf Will Brady ever be nice to kirsten @eileen_davidson Never say never. Or ever.

@JBeauty7: @ericmartsolf honestly, is Brady secretly turned on by Kristen?..#dayslivechat That's a secret.

@kayybubbles: @ericmartsolf #dayslivechat :: What's your favorite holiday in Salem? Christmas. Too much celebrating.

@jester1436: @ericmartsolf Why do you insist on wearing shirts so often on the show? #DaysLiveChat Decorum.
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