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Nov 11 2012, 02:36 PM
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I'll just have to agree to disagree, it seems to me the dead baby was used as nothing more the Dannifer angst. Sure there has been some focus on other characters, but the main focus seems to involve Nicole who just lost her baby being used to keep the poor star crossed lovers Daniel and Jennifer apart.
To me too. Case in point, they can't be bothered to have a some kind of service for the child which Nicole and EJ could have attended together (what a scene that would have been with that little coffin) because it's not about them losing their son, but Rafe lying to Sami and keeping Dannifer apart.
Who is to say that a funeral won't happen? The child just died a day ago, Salem time; they are just finishing up the reveal of Nicole's lies. In fact, I think it's very likely that a funeral is going to happen. We have a few priests around and the Saint Luke's set is dusted off and being used again. Plus, it would be a big step for Nicole to start the healing process, which looks like the writers' next beat of her story.
If they were going to do a funeral or memorial service,you would think there would have been a spoiler about it by now.If they do anything at all it will probably consist of a thowaway line by Nicole mentioning it before or after the fact.Too too sad.
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