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LaQuanda Wright
@eileen_davidson is Kristen and john going to get back together

Eileen Davidson
@Iam_MsQuanie Oh we'll get together, all right... brahhhahahahhahha

@eileen_davidson Will we see mention of Kristen's time in the harem?

Eileen Davidson
Yes. somewhat. How do you bring that up in conversation???

Eileen Davidson
I would love to do both [Days and Y&R] but it would probably kill me!

@eileen_davidson Have you been locking any blondes in secret rooms lately? Or are you too busy with the young Mr Black?

Eileen Davidson
@johnandmarlena keeping my options open at present. but you never know! I love a good secret room

When will Steffie be back. Salem needs him. I want more Kristen/Steffie

Eileen Davidson
@Ejole4ever He'll be back soon in all his glory. And it's FUN!!!

Maria Boyd
@eileen_davidson Do you watch any other soap opera?

Eileen Davidson
@xtmjjdx I'm living and breathing DAYS right now so NOOOOO!!!!!!

@eileen_davidson I know u have said Susan was a different era, but lots want to see her make appearance. Will she?

Eileen Davidson
@Ejole4ever I'd do it. If so pray for me

Mandie Blanchard
@eileen_davidson does Kristen have BabyEjole please give it back crazy looney bitch

Eileen Davidson
@MandieBlanchard Don't be rude. And Kristen has nothing to do with the dead baby. At least not THAT one....

Mandie Blanchard
@eileen_davidson do you have the first one, please return the baby please

Eileen Davidson ‏
@MandieBlanchard You r kind of creeping me out now. SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANYONE'S BABY! That I know of anyway....
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