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Nov 15 2012, 03:40 PM
Nov 14 2012, 11:17 PM
I don't really think the Daniel/Jen stuff is moving too fast. I could buy that if Jennifer and Daniel had not had a relationship prior to Jack's return. And I might even buy it if there had been a real break-up between Jennifer and Daniel when Jack did return. But there wasn't. However much people might hate it, it was written in a particular way -- namely that Daniel backed off and Jen decided to make things work with Jack. But it was never written that Jennifer stopped caring about Daniel or that he stopped caring about her.

So, now that Jack is gone, it's not surprising that the feelings are still there between Jennifer and Daniel. I understand people wanting to see Jen mourn Jack more, but he's already died several times, so it's not surprising to me that she can move through the grief quicker than most. And I don't think it's unreasonable that the people who know her best understand both of those things.

None of which is to say that they are a well-written or popular couple. Only that I don't find the whole thing that unbelievable.
I don't see many people saying it is unbelievable or surprising -- just repetitive and highly unlikable. Since about 2000, and earlier, the writers have basically done the same thing over and over -- remove Jack from the scene so Jennifer can be paired with someone else. I'm not the only fan of Jennifer to point out that this repeated path is damaging to the character because she never grows or changes. She never learns or pauses for self-reflection. She never explores any other emotional territory. More importantly, she never stands on her own -- it's always about pursuing some guy -- usually a doctor who on the surface is perfect but who has sleazy or even criminal tendencies. Even Brandon was an upstanding doctor who was involved with other women (including Nicole) while he was dating Jennifer. She has shown poor judgement before, and this time is no different because she's putting Daniel on a pedestal that he does not deserve.

So it's not surprising. But my complaints are two-fold. First, I'm tired of going through this same old routine of seeing a character I used to admire get dragged ever and ever lower, become less and less intelligent, and become more and more unlikeable because writers don't know what else to do with her except constantly place her in the exact same storyline over and over.

Second, the current story is one of the poorest attempts. It is trying to maintain that Jennifer is in mourning so Daniel is making this big sacrifice while everyone else in Salem nudges him toward her and says it's okay. It's all fake because we are not seeing Jennifer in mourning. She's basically ready to move on now -- as you say, the feelings we're told they had for each other apparently never went anywhere. So, since there's really nothing stopping them, why are they pretending that there is?

We all know what TomSell want to do here. There's no subtlety, no nuance. They're just going through a few shallow, rote motions. I just wish they would stop using Jack's name and image to get to where they're going. Because, as many of us have pointed out, the writers really didn't need to kill Jack off to put Dannifer back together again. As your arguments imply, the groundwork was already in place to do that. Having her decide to leave Jack to return to Daniel (or having Jack back out) would not have damaged Jennifer's character any more than the current story has done. So what was the point?

Wish I could like this post more than once! Because it deftly sums up all of my issues with Jackless Jen and how weak, shallow, fickle, and stupid she becomes with each repetition of this tired scenario. Exit Jack, through death or some other plot contrivance, enter Jen-Jen's new man at warp speed. A new man whom she feverishly and delusionally insists is perfect--although his actions and attitude show him to be anything but.

While not as villainous as Peter (whom we're apparently supposed to forget due to MR's little indiscretion) or Colin, Daniel is still one of the weakest and least appealing figures in her Generic Himbo brigade. And almost five years of relentless propping from other Salemites hasn't managed to transform him into an admirable or even memorable character. It's laughable that Jennifer could even consider putting their lightweight fling on a par with her 20-year relationship with Jack. Or that she would sacrifice her freedom to keep him from leaving town with another woman. At this rate, can a suicide attempt by the Horton princess--once she has lost the love of Daniel-Daniel-Daniel to Chloe or his next patient--be far behind? Regretfully, I might just be pulling for her to succeed in offing herself. It couldn't be worse than watching her enact this threadbare storyline for the umpteenth time.
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