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Nov 15 2012, 02:39 PM
I got the same email. Roger, can you shed some light on that?
Things are still fluid and could change but you have to take the SC email at face value. They are selling their current stock and there are no plans to continue at this point. I was expecting another DVD to be out by now but that probably won't see the light of day.

My best guess: The music issues have definitely been a huge drawback and help grind this thing to a halt. Everyone has to be paid too, and that's an expense you can't get around. To go from tapes in the warehouse to bringing them in house, encoding them, editing them (some more than others) and releasing them was a very involved process. If there was some magical way all these thousands of tapes could be digitized instantly the situation might be different. Not sure. The sales were good and the reaction from fans was overwhelmingly enthusiastic but it seems like the ROI at this point has diminished. I'll hopefully have a more detailed update by next week.

A lot of my favorite old soap episodes feature pop music so they would probably never get released anyway. The music is too expensive to license again (presumably there was a one-time usage paid when the episode aired) . Plus, the music is mixed with the dialogue and can't be edited (examples would include Roger in the Hall of Mirrors "Enough is Enough" of The Four Musketeers Prom featuring every smash pop song from 1983). The episodes from the 2000s are easier since the music is on a separate track (plus, soaps started using generic music versus Top 10 hits), but would still have been encoded and edited. It would take years to get all this stuff digitized but my fear is the tapes get messed up somehow just sitting around. There's been some issues with that already. Tapes of AW, SFT, EON, TEX and some of GL never left storage at all.
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