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Pissed Jenel and Lyric 145 went home. Should've been the waaay overrated Beatrice Miller and Tate Stevens. How on Earth he's #1 again is idiotic imho!!?? Carly shouldn't been #2 either, she wasn't that good this week. IMHO Emblem3 should've been #1, Paige Thomas #2 and not idiotically (again) singing for her life with Jenel. Also don't get Fifth Harmony being 6th this week either. IMHO Paige & Emblem3 are the most marketable and talented in the bunch. I do like Vino Alan but agree with Demi he's not pop star material. I wish country fans would quit voting for someone just because they sing country even if they're not that good, Tate here and on IDOL Scotty and Lauren.

Britney was a good judge, but her liking untalented karaoke Beatrice is absolutely insane and although I liked her coming up against Simon last night she was absolutely wrong. Simon was a complete prick tonight, he should'be chosen instead of Demi, since they were both on her team (that's what they did last season when both of the bottom 2 were on the same team). Wouldn't blame Demi if she quits after this season. I predict she and Britney both will quit after this season. LA is a major prick like Simon imho.

I like Mario Lopez as host and think he should be hosting alone. Chloe Kardashian Odom is appearing as amateur at hosting as she is, getting worse by the episode. She can't even read from the teleprompter good, lmfao!

If this show keeps going the way it has been, then I'm gonna drop the crapfest.
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