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Nov 15 2012, 11:42 PM
Nov 15 2012, 08:47 AM
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Nov 15 2012, 12:53 AM
Tuesday ("Abortion")
Rafe is thrilled with Gabi's decision; Kristen finds Marlena snooping through her computer files.

Wednesday ("Sami's Boss")
Rafe is furious after learning EJ is Sami's new boss; Nick learns that Will is the father of Gabi's baby.
Why can't this show EVER build up to a reveal...what the fuck is up with these writers....Nick finds out ALREADY....WHY? OH and so I guess the big reveal will be for Sonny and Sami, Lucas and Rafe only? I'm assuming Gabi tells Rafe that she isn't having an abortion...that is why he's thrilled I guess.

I'm predicting it now...Nick is going to get progressively more cray and obsessed with the fact that Will is this kid's father and he's going to do something to Will, or to the baby once it's born....something is going to happen here. Oh fuck, who am I kidding.....these writers aren't going to do jack shit....it's going to be so boring and it's going to be all about how Will broke Sonny's heart and how awful it is that he didn't tell him he slept with Gabi before committing to a relationship with him...oh boo fucking hoo....

This show is so infuriating.
I think rather than a WTD story, they are making this about reactions instead. Nick and Sonny's reactions mainly. I think this is going to be more about Nick going absolutely crazy and doing something to Will. Today's scenes show him being possessive and creepily jealous over Wabi. Also I'm curious over Sonny's reaction too since he had a very uncharacteristic response to Gabi coming over and confiding in Will about her problems. He was surprisingly insensitive which might be foreshadowing to his reaction when he finds out. Anyway I really think the focus here will be on Nick doing something which will lead to not only the Nabi wedding next year but also the confrontations that will happen later on. I'm very curious about the intense scene BB tweeted about yesterday that he filmed with AS that fans are going to both love and hate. It screams psychotic Nick.
I think Sonny's reaction to Gabi was normal. I know if I just slept with my man for the 1st time & he leaves to go talk with his ex, I'd be a little insensitive too. LOL I love Sonny & I'm not looking forward to him getting hurt by Will lying. (If that happens of course)
Love your gif. :wub:
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