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camera shy

Nov 15 2012, 10:39 PM
Nov 15 2012, 01:54 AM
Are we back in the JER Days? When did this show all of a sudden get so God-heavy and religious lately? One day last week with John talking to the priest about forgiveness and Maggie quoting parables and scripture to Brady in the same episode, John and Kristen on the church board, and now Eric's a priest? And also today, Sami acted surprised when she thought Gabi wouldn't consider going through with the pregnancy. Is this to appease all the Bible-thumpers and gay bashers who've been reacting negatively to Wilson?

I'm not advocating they kill off another baby on this show, and I think that it's just lazy writing to knock every chick up who ever has sex with anyone just to create drama. But I wouldn't mind if Gabi took a tumble down the staircase of doom, or maybe they can resurrect the staircase of doom on the old pier set.

I just hope that if they go through with this pregnancy, they address the fact that Caroline will now be a great-great-grandmother and Marlena will be a great-grandmother. Me thinks Miss Dee won't be happy about that!

It's not just the sudden use of religion, but there is something so distorted about the portrayal of women on the show. When was the last time we had a young woman who had goals in life that did not center around who she was going to marry or saw herself with a future beyond having kids? The women on the show are totally aimless and they meander from relationship to relationship, get knocked up, have kids, and it's only when the writers suddenly need someone to have a job for a storyline do they suddenly have skills that they never were shown to have developed (ala Sami, the wonder-executive who apparently learned to speak Japanese in her sleep). Most young woman who are Gabi's age would react to a pregnancy by saying, "oh sh*t, this is going to screw up my plans to become a _______?" and would then really think about whether they are prepared to become mothers at such a young age. But since Gabi doesn't seem to have any plans and has basically spent the last six months focused almost entirely on Chad and Nick, none of those thoughts seem applicable.

This makes me long for the days when we had Hope going to the police academy and enduring Bo's teasing, Kim opening the abuse clinic, Kayla running the emergency center, and Jennifer interning at the Spectator. Those women seem far more "modern" than a lot of the women on the show today.
Well we do have Sami, shoving things into her bag and heading off to work in a too low cut, too short, too tight dress, looking like a vienna sausage.
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