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Nov 15 2012, 06:37 PM
Nov 15 2012, 06:18 PM
Nov 15 2012, 05:16 PM
Will is still reeling from the news he just got from Gabi. So no matter how happy he might be to learn about Sonny's feelings or how relieved he is that his dad is coming around, he's going to be too distracted by this secret to be able to enjoy it. And we know where this is going, right? Sonny will sense something is wrong but won't be able to figure it out and he will assume Will doesn't reciprocate his feelings. And if he starts seeing Will and Gabi together and talking in hushed tones, Sonny will be hurt and confused, etc, etc, etc. Basically, no matter how they slice it, Sonny will end up being hurt the most.

That is a very likely scenario. I was thinking maybe right when Will was going to say he loved Sonny that that would be the time Sonny found out about the baby...but I think it is too soon for that. This kind of seems more likely. Why would Will hear this from Lucas before Sonny gets a chance to tell him. Seems like something will get in the way of the "I love you's". But maybe not. It just seems odd that they would go about it this way. I guess it is an excuse for Lucas to be the good guy again...but it kind of sucks if this is how Will finds out. I wanted him to hear it from Sonny first. It's weird.
I though the "I love you" would be at the wedding. But that is so far ahead I am not sure it would stretch that much. I think it's Nick and Gabi at the altar. Then Chad interrupts with the truth that Nick isn't the baby's father but instead Will is. He may think Will doesn't know and thinks he's been deceived this whole time. Then I can see Sonny devastated that Will lied to him and Will saying he did it because he loves Sonny and was scared he'd lose him or something like that.
That wedding is still a long ways off so I can't imagine they are going to wait that long for I love you's. I just don't know how this is going to go...and I kind of like that because it isn't quite as predictable as the pregnancy was. Will is going to know that Sonny loves him....so what next? I'm very anxious to find out. Either we get some reciprocation right away (which will make my happy) or we get something to get in the way (which will be frustrating, but will cause angst and maybe a bigger payoff later on). I'm torn. Loving WilSon right now.
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