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Nov 15 2012, 11:49 PM
Also about the music thing. When they show flashbacks we can still hear Marty's music, so why can't they show older episodes if they can show older flashbacks? And didn't Marty start as music composer in 1979 or something? So episodes before that shouldn't have that problem, no?
And for those small clips they have to pay Marty, who knows how much. Imagine that not just for a 10-second clip, but for an entire 40-minute episode!

I was just using Marty as an example, if it's pre-1979, then the other composers would come into play. They pretty much only used Albertine/Boyce/Hart/Mann music which was composed back in the 1960's for everything through 1978 or so. I'm not a "music clearance" expert, so I don't know how much these things cost. I can only use as an example the figure of $50,000 that they wanted to use for Alice's funeral, just to use one verse of "Always", that's why it wasn't played at her funeral in 2010. They had planned a really nice flashback tribute to "Always" for her last goodbye, but instead inserted some different clips and used an instrumental music theme playing over them. They finally came through when they had that "big budget" week in September 2011 reboot and let Bill & Susan Hayes sing not one, but several verses of "Always", so that could have cost $100,000 for that alone!
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