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Nov 16 2012, 12:48 AM
Its hard to imagine rafe would be thrilled his sister is pregnant. Im sure he would be relieved if she doesnt abort the baby. But thrilled and rafe in the same sentence in this storyline is just wierd
That wording doesn't seem to fit because while I can't picture Rafe being thrilled that Gabi's pregnant, I can't imagine him being thrilled if she wanted to have an abortion either. Either way, "thrilled" just doesn't make sense in this situation. If Gabi and Nick were married or just engaged and they were both expecting a baby, then I can see Rafe possibly being thrilled. However since they just started dating and Rafe has no idea really who Nick is plus the fact that he just got out of prison, I doubt Rafe would be thrilled about anything, lol. Unless they just want to write Rafe as being excited every single time a baby comes into the picture due to his own desire to be a dad. We all saw how desperately he wanted to be Nicole's baby daddy so I wouldn't be surprised if he saw Gabi's baby as another opportunity for him to play "daddy" again.
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