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Nov 16 2012, 05:12 AM
I guess I'm the only person who didn't find Sonny's comment insensitive. When I read the Day Ahead summary (and everyone's comments), I was prepared for it to sound insensitive, but I don't think that it came across that way at all.

From Sonny's perspective, Will entered the apartment at the end of the episode looking completely deflated. Sonny was simply putting things into perspective -- as far as he's aware, Gabi's problem isn't Will's problem, so Will doesn't need to beat himself up over it. Will was acting like it was his problem (because it is), and Sonny picked up on that.

Kate's not in a funk because Marlena's having problems with Kristen, Brady's not miserable because Nicole has just lost her child, Sonny didn't react nearly as badly as Will did [in this episode] when Abby lost Jack -- people can be supportive friends without letting their friends' problems sink them into a deep depression. I think that Sonny was just trying to remind Will of that.

Maybe my love for Will and Sonny is blinding me. :shrug:
I think Nick is being set up as the villain here, albeit a complicated one. He's got a chip on his shoulder that looks pretty heavy, and not just because of his homophobia. Although, I do get that he'd be a little freaked to see Gabi in such an emotionally intimate scene with her ex-boyfriend, whom he thinks can be cured of or at least choose not to be gay.

And I didn't think Sonny was a jerk at all. He was more oblivious to the seriousness of the situation, and I think he'll kick himself for not seeing just how invested Will was. Of course, Sonny has no idea that Will slept with Gabi so recently, so he's going to be pretty gobsmacked by the news Will's going to be a daddy.

I do hope there will be a callback to Will (or rather Lucas's) concerns about Sonny's sexual history, when it's Will's that is about to bite everyone in the ass.
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