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Nov 15 2012, 10:12 PM
Nov 15 2012, 07:36 PM
Thanks, Jason. Hey, I have a question for you. You've mentioned several times about the Marty Davich era pre-1993. I gather that his music was copyrighted, and thus they'd have to pay him royalties for showing episodes from that time. Does that apply to clips too, or just full episodes? Also, is it really that much more expensive that it would never be an option for the show to broadcast pre-1993 episodes? Or is it more the case that perhaps there is bad blood between Corday and Davich? After all, Corday quickly installed himself as part of the music team around that same time. Just wondering what's the scoop.

There's no bad blood, just a lack of money. Music union does pretty well with their royalties, so it's hard to air older episodes. Definitely not any episode with non-Days music, back when they would use popular songs of the day, Holding Out for a Hero for Bo, etc... Corday didn't insert himself. He was hired by Linda Line, the music director at the time. That was his first paying role with the show. Before that he was an intern who would get coffee, etc...

This is extra money not scheduled in the budget, since this episode only became necessary once the Presidential News Conference did not preempt the show yesterday. They were probably hoping it would preempt it, that's why they probably didn't announce the details of the episode until late last night, after the preemption didn't happen. Now it's more budget to spend for this "extra" episode which didn't exist until yesterday.

Thanks, Jason. I wasn't referring to when KC first got started, but was talking specifically about 1993 when Davich left. By then, Corday had been producer since 1982 and Executive Producer since 1985. He is listed as having won a daytime emmy for Musical Composition and Direction in 1990 -- an honor he shared with Davich and one other. So what I meant was that Corday was involving himself more and more in the music side of things. I've always felt that either Davich himself didn't like the situation or he was told to leave.

But, hey, Davich went on to much bigger and better things, so good for him.

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