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Helpless Romantic

The Scorpion
Nov 16 2012, 11:01 AM
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Nov 15 2012, 11:48 PM
Nov 15 2012, 08:56 PM

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He is so arrogant it would never occur to him to question why she wanted to hide the baby's paternity. If ejerk had been a civilized human being--which based on his past history he isn't--Nicole would not have feared for the safety of her baby. He doesn't deserve to have any children around him at all.
But Nicole didn't fear for the safety of her baby. If she did she would never have offered to reunite with EJ and raise the baby together as long as he agreed to leave Salem.

Nicole was pissed about the grief sex and hid the pregnancy to get back at EJ. She then set about building lie upon lie with both Rafe and Daniel to keep him out of their child's life.

EJ has every right to be a dick to Nicole. Her selfish, vindictive choices are what led to all of this.
personally, I didn't think EJ was especially nasty to Nicole, rather he gave her the hard truth!
Truth and EJ don't go in the same sentence. He has no grounds to get all high and mighty on Nicole without someone holding the mirror up to him and his smug face in regards to Sami. A woman who DOES NOT love him. But just like Nicole with the Tan he can't accept that so he is the one that will be all by his lonesome when all is said and done. Once Sami dumps his ass for the biillionth time he will have no one to run to. EJ is just being an egotistical domineering hypocrite who needs to STFU! If this is supposed to be a show of "masculnity"?! The PTB are pathetic and seriously warped but maybe its to show that sooner or later karma will finally come back to bite him in the ass and he will be sorry for how he treated Nicole. By then though it may be to little to late and he would deserve nothing less. His behaviour was disgusting but that again shows he will never change.
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