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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Well EJ, Rafe & Lucas are not in any position to rule Salem. Daniel is a doctor, and TPTB's best shot at refocusing on DAYS hospital roots and family in Salem. Dr. D being the Sainted Saviour of Salem, with Snow White standing by his side, is the ultimate gift for DAYS of our Lives viewers.... starting a whole new generation..of what comes next.

I mean the insantity of making Daniel Victor's son is a no brainer it ties in to the canvas 10x over.....it might be soap suicide.......or DAYs saving grace even if he's not well loved right now. Daniel would have to be backburned for a while until ppl forget the kind of ass and creep his character once was. I think that is why TPTB turned Victor soft.... to pave the way for a Kiriakis/Horton new generation. Now all Dan and Jen need to do is have a kids of their own to seal the deal. Easy to ingore his past and sans redemption....TPTB are saving DAYs by the almightly loving doctor that everyone sings the praises of over and over again. It might be what this show thinks it needs. I hate to admit that is does sound good in theory, so unless the fan backlash over his character is OTT and DAYS feels threatened of losing their viewership, I can't see why it wouldn't happen at this point. Not that I am a Daniel fan, by any account.... I am just trying to figure out the POV of TPTB.
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