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Loving this season soooo much! I can't believe how great it has been so far! I know many didn't like One World, because it was boring and predictable, but I really enjoyed watching Kim's awesome way to victory. But this is so much more awesome in so many ways.

I think Lisa and Skupin made a deal to vote separately. They knew they didn't both have to switch, so they did it like this.

Now, the only thing that can go wrong is if Pete wins immunity. Then neither he nor Abi could be voted off next. But actually, I wouldn't mind having Carter leave. He's so boring and useless and pretty much the only person I am indifferent to.

I loved Penner's "In America, my name is normal."
Kids: "Noooormaaal"
Penner: No, no... :lol: So funny!

And can Malcolm be any more perfect? He's a kids lover and a teacher?! Awesome!

While I would accept any of the current leading six to go all the way (Penner, Malcolm, Denise, Skupin, Lisa - minus Carter), my main favorites are still Denise and Malcolm!

And I love having Abi and Pete around. They are great villains and make the show interesting.

Oh, and I love someone's idea to just redo next season with all those people again and watch it unfold :lol: This has been a great cast!

EDIT: I'm so sorry to hear about Lisa's illness. Hopefully she'll make a full recovery.
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