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Nov 16 2012, 06:06 PM
camera shy
Nov 16 2012, 05:25 PM
Why is Rafe still in ejami's story? Wasn't them breaking up suppose to be the end of Safe for a while to make way for ejami?
I think as long as Tomlin is still writing Safe will never be completely out of the picture... even if they're going with Ejami for now he'll still throw the Safe fans a crumb every now and then
This was not an exciting sweeps, and the promo was more of a recap than a promo, but man alive, all of a sudden Days has got multiple good storylines happening!

I love Kristen gas lighting Marlena, and Bristen are HAWT. The only way Days screws this up, IMO, is to have Kristen's ulterior motive be that she is still panting after John. Love that Jarlena have some angst; my goodness they've been dull for years with all their uneventful hearts and rainbows. I want them together, but at least this spices them up, and the idea of their reaction to a Bristen relationship has me practically hyperventilating.

Sami working with EJ? :rockon: Days can slow play the heck out of this, and continuing to make Rafe douchier and douchier is just the cherry on top of an already hot daytime romance.

Eric and Nicole are already steamy and interesting to me. Love Sami and her brother too.

The show still has a loooooong way to go to compete with GH, but it's gotten better, that's for sure.
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