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Nov 17 2012, 01:57 AM
She is made to look like the bad guy when its her jerk husband who got them all in this mess. Nothing to do with the raping. Besides she hasnt had anything to do with Villy in a long time but if she did, I would have problem with that.

Is it just me or are they turning Jabot into Winters Corp? Now Devon might work there?? Its like they're sticking every AA character in that company.
Hmmm, now that Devon has given up on his music career, I could see him coming over to Jabot. It is kinda odd that it seems like Jabot has basically become the company where all the Winters work. We already know that Lily, Cane, Leslie and one of the new guys will be coming on board. While I would love to see Neil run his own business, but I can't help feeling like this another way to isolate these characters. Only thing is, Neil is still working for one of the big men in town, instead of his own thing.

I see that Adam, and Phyllis are at Newman working with Jack. You just know that's where the stories will be. Jabot more than likely will be a dry spot. :eyeroll:
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