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camera shy

Nov 16 2012, 11:35 PM
Nov 16 2012, 10:20 PM
I hate that Will even offered to marry Gabi, but I'm hoping that it comes across on-screen better than it does in the summary.

I guess that I just don't see what other people are seeing (with regards to Will not being "into" Sonny) because I think that it's clear that the writers want Will and Sonny to be together. I mean, they've only been setting them up as a couple for the past year and a half. If there's any couple on-screen right now (not counting married couples) that is obviously going to be together in the end, it's definitely Will and Sonny, IMO. The rest is just angst to prolong everything and make the final payoff more rewarding.

I suppose that I wouldn't be completely opposed to Will and Sonny each having other boyfriends for a while (or even permanently), if more gay characters actually existed (and I'm not talking about minor characters like Brian; I'm talking about contract characters like Will and Sonny who are actually seen regularly -- Brian could, of course, be one such character, but he isn't currently, and we know that the actor isn't available for that kind of commitment), but I just don't believe that the writers have any intention of breaking Will and Sonny up for any significant length of time.
I think the lack of other gay characters is the only reason WilSon probably have a chance of surviving. But I see that as the only reason. If this were real life, WIll would be moving on to someone new in about a month. He is very much his mother's son and I see him more as the "love the one you're with" type at least with Sonny. I'm sure Will cares about Sonny but nowhere near the intensity and adoration with which Sonny loves Will. I just don't see it being on equal footing right now. He comes across as caring more about Gabi's distress at this very moment as opposed to protecting and saving his relationship with Sonny. Maybe that will change after he finds out from his dad that Sonny loves him. But as of this episode, I don't see it. However, this is most likely just angst unless they bring on another gay character.
Wilson is definitely the new Abe and Lexie, who were never allowed to move out of each other's orbit for long because they were both black and Days' token black couple. Thank god, Wilson has a lot more chemistry than Abe and Lexie ever did because they are going to be together forever on this show.
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