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I am enjoying the ericole, wilson, nick/gabi, kristen/brady, and jarlena storylines tremendously. Lovin` Ericole and am happy that they`re nothing like ejole. And they don`t have 2b and shouldn`t. Glad that nicole will finally/hopefully find love/happiness with a man that loves her. So i`m pumped/loving the slow burn to ericole. And greg v is the perfect fit! The az/gv chemistry has reeled me in already.
Kristen is pure awesome. And Marlena knows that she`s up to something and she`s right. Can`t wait to see what else kristen has up her sleeve. Brady/kristen have chemistry and i am lovin` it too.
Glad that will knows the truth about the baby. And the drama is endless for the nabi/wilson saga. Sold on this story too.
As for sami/ej/rafe: same story, different year. It`s like a repeat of the endless lumi/ejami triangle of yesteryear. Now it`s apparent that sami will never really choose either of them. But i could care less about ej or sami. But i do want rafe to find happiness. Since sami`s continually lost in triangle madness, now would be a good time for a not-so-dead emily to return.
So the promo had bright spots and then one glaring repetitive one.
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