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Okay,.. my heart wants to agree with this. I want them to be a couple as much as you do.. BUT why then this Rafe business?

Why did she break up with him.. after they was suppose to go on that date and he had ordered all those flowers? You know the yellow ones. She said she wanted to focus on herself and the children. But instead she went to being a couple with Rafe.. remember that ridiculous run and hug/kiss scene at the town square.. where a sad EJ was watching. Also.. even when Rafe interrupted their getaway .. when EJ returned to Sami after leaving Stefano behind tired up and all.. Sami was acting very weird.

Sami must really step up here.
That's cause so far, Sami has never chosen to be with EJ romantically in the committed couple sense. She may have chosen to go on the run with him over Lucas in the daysaster episode but other than the making out and flirting, there was no commitment. Both Lucas and Rafe have gotten commitments from Sami in the past that did not require manipulation. But somehow with EJ, Sami leads him on more than anything else leaving him hell bent on even more manipulation and obsessive behaviour. It's always the pattern with them. If that changes with the lock, stock, barrell comment we'll see but Nov sweeps is flying by and I see nothing couple like from them. I think Corday either lied again or his comment didn't mean what we think we did. I've seen other speculations on here that make more sense to me, lol.
Sami/EJ: Sami and EJ grow closer as they start working together. Says Corday, "We're putting our lock, stock and barrel in those two."

I really wonder now if that comment was taken the bad way without even thinking of it meaning something else. No where does Corday say "Ejami" he does not say they will be a couple. I think people jumped to the conclusion because we are use to them making bad decisions, but maybe this time, it's not as bad as it seems? Rafe is still in the picture very much and now we have EJ and Abigail "talking". It was a very telling that Abigail is telling Gabi how she has never found love blah blah blah and the next time we see her she's having this meaningfull conversation with EJ. EJ even watch her leave with a smile on his face...and told her he enjoyed their talk or something like that. How often do we see him do THAT? Like NEVER.

I don't know what's going to happen but I really don't think and I certainly HOPE it's not what some of you are thinking. The show is doing a little better at the moment,, they don't need to rock that boat and put together a couple that so many have fought tooth and nail to make them see we don't want! The show is fragil right now so PLEASE don't break it!
Yeah ,.. maybe finally we will have EJ doing other than pine for Sami - which never gives in. They have flirts and such.. but time to cash in or leave it. Hopefully along the road when he is happy with Abby .. she might realize he is not going to be around pining for her in all infinity.. and FINALLY do something about it.
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