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Nov 17 2012, 09:08 AM
Nov 17 2012, 08:33 AM
I hate this baby story. Not only does Sonny seem to be non important to Will, he seems non important to the story. It's involving everybody but him. He should be just as involved as Nick but he's not. Not sure why I expected better but this baby story seems like a total failure. I had a gut feeling that it would be Nick and Gabi at the altar with Sonny finding about the baby there. But the way this is going down is hard to swallow. Will is willingly lying to Sonny and doesn't see to even care about him nor even acknowledge his existence. Maybe it will play out different but these new writers are no better than the last with involving Sonny not being involved in a main story.
This is probably too premature to mention, but...Sonny is going to be on four of the five days in the second full week of December. I'm thinking that he might find out the truth about the baby during that week (or it will be a big Sonny week for some other reason -- maybe Will and Sonny's "I love you" week, although that seems like a long time to wait, since we know that Sonny is going to tell Lucas [and Lucas is going to tell Will] during the week of November 19th).
I know that but still it is obvious Sonny has no real role. He never has and probably never will. And the writing for this makes me root right against Wilson because Sonny is all but a distant memory to Will. Could care a less about them saying I love you which I doubt even comes until the wedding when we are supposed to believe Will means it when he tells Sonny he lied because he loves him. It's so predictable.
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