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Marlena walks in on Kristen and is shocked by what she sees.
Jennifer pays Daniel a surprise visit.
EJ tries to arrange a menacing plot with Kristen.
John feels guilty about something he is withholding from Marlena.
Kristen tells EJ someone is about to get the shock of their life.
Rafe walks in on a close moment between EJ and Sami.

DVR Alerts:

Monday - Jennifer is in need of urgent medical attention
Wednesday - Brady meets with Kristen

**UPDATED 11/23**

Monday ("The Test")
Daniel asks Jennifer to stay away from him; Nick tells Will about his intentions about Gabi and the baby.

Tuesday ("The Shock")
Marlena catches Brady and Kristen making love; Nick and Gabi share their news with Sonny.

Wednesday ("Getting Physical")
Kristen tells Brady that she regrets sleeping with him; Sami is furious after learning Nicole is working for Eric.

Thursday ("Following Daniel")
Jennifer decides to follow Daniel to Smith Island to make things right; Abigail is upset when she realizes that Cameron has moved on.

Friday ("Coming Clean")
Kristen encourages Brady to tell John about their relationship.

**UPDATED 11/27**

Daniel is told that the radical treatment has failed. Now he is doomed never to get rid of his tremors. Jenn blames herself. Maggie and Nicole blame her too. She tries apologizing to the doctor and he tells her to get lost. Nicole tries to comfort him but he’s not interested. After she goes on a rant about Jenn, she goes to see Father Eric for a little comfort. It’s clear that the priest is hiding something. He’s been having nightmares but won’t talk about them. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to see her son and fumes about Jenn. She suggests that he leave town. He thinks about moving out to the island. Later, Jenn catches him signing out of work. He doesn’t want to talk to her. She badgers Maxine to tell her where he’s going and then stalks the doctor to the island. After an awkward run-in with Maggie, Nicole discovers where the doctor is too and heads off. She throws herself at him until Jenn barges in and then she throws Jenn out. Daniel gets between them. He makes it clear to Jenn that he doesn’t want to see her. She collapses. She has appendicitis. The doctor realizes he needs to get into her fast.

Brady admits to Kristen that he heard her confess that she had feelings for him. She tries giving him the boot but the booty cannot be resisted. After they’ve knocked boots, she decides it was a big mistake. She sends him away and calls his dad over. Her call pulls John away from another fight with Marlena. He drops some lipstick as he walks out on her. Marlena is confused. Kate pops up and notices that the lipstick is a prototype from CW. Billie then pops up to tattle that she saw John heading for the inn where Kristen is staying. The shrink bustles over. She can hear the moaning through Kristen’s door so she barges in. Marlena is shocked to see her old nemesis rubbing bacons with Brady. Kristen spots her dropping her jaw before running. Brady is too distracted to notice. Kristen contemplates telling him what just happened but decides to use her mouth for something else. After they do it again, he suggests they give a relationship a shot. She doesn’t think so. Meanwhile, Marlena runs off to see John. He repeats that her fears of Kristen are unfounded. She’s about to blurt out that she saw his son with his ex lover when Brady shows up. Marlena keeps her mouth shut. In the meantime, Brady’s in a good mood and putters off to see Maggie to tell her how swell his life is going.

Nicole and Eric get closer as they start working together. EJ and Sami meet them to discuss the new school. Sami is nauseated to see her brother with Nicole. She doesn’t hesitate telling him. He doesn’t hesitate reminding her that she’s even worse than Nicole is. While the siblings bicker, EJ mocks Nic. Sensing he’s chasing after Sami again, she mocks him for that. He later meets up with his sister and they compare notes about their strategies. He wishes she’d try distracting Rafe for him but she insists that her hands are already busy. After she gets a call from Brady and learns there was no blow up from Marlena, she decides to confront the shrink herself. She makes sure to loudly make some cryptic remarks to her so John can overhear. Marlena covers by confessing that she broke unto Kristen’s room. John gets called away before he can react. Kristen and Marlena bicker but the shrink refuses to rock the boat. The DiMera decides to take another stab at it. She calls Brady over to her room for some more rumpy pumpy. Once they catch their breath, she suggests he come clean with his father. However, he’s decided it’s best they keep this a secret for now.

Will is gobsmacked when Nick tells him that he wants to marry Gabi and raise the child as his own. Rafe arrives. He’s supportive when his sister says that Nick wants to marry her. After he plods off, she keeps working on trying to talk Will around to her plan for the baby. Meanwhile, her brother spots Sami and EJ together. That gets his nose out of joint. He bumps into Father Eric and they yap about Samantha until Gabi shows up, announcing that she is going to marry Nick for sure. He doesn’t think that’s a great idea anymore. She doesn’t care. He decides to ask Sami to put some pressure on Gabi to rethink her choice. And Will bumps into his Uncle Father Eric. He bluntly informs him that he’s gay while Sonny tracks down his boyfriend to apologize for being suspicious before. He just had a visit from Gabi and Nick, who told him about the baby and getting married. Sonny assumes that’s all there is to it.


Monday December 3:
Daniel gets confirmation that the treatment for his hand tremors was a failure and he has no other options for his condition.
Daniel rejects Jennifer.
Eric gives Nicole tough love.
Nicole tries to be a friend to Daniel but can't help but rail on Jennifer when he's unresponsive.
Eric has some of his own demons.
Brady confesses he overheard Kristen's confession.
Nick tells Will he wants to marry Gabi and be a daddy to her kid.

Tuesday December 4:
Brady and Kristen wake up together after making love.
John and Marlena's arguing intensifies and she almost admits she broke in to Kristen's room.
Kristen calls John and asks to see him.
Kate confirms one of Marlena's worst fears.
Nicole and Eric grow closer on her first day at work.
Sami goes off on Eric for hiring Nicole.
Rafe's supportive of Gabi marrying Nick.
Rafe walks in on a close moment between Sami and EJ.

Wednesday December 5:
Marlena walks in on Kristen and Brady having sex.
Kristen sees Marlena sneaking out of her room.
Brady thinks he misjudged Kristen.
Sami and EJ enjoy working together, but Sami is pulled towards Rafe.
Sonny believes Nick and Gabi's marriage is the secret Will's been keeping from him.

Thursday December 6:
Kristen tells EJ everything is working out for her.
EJ asks Kristen to 'distract' Rafe.
Marlena realizes Kristen didn't tell Brady she saw them together in bed.
Daniel takes time off and goes to the Horton cabin. Jenn follows.
Nicole hears Eric crying out from another nightmare.
Nicole makes amends to Maggie.
Nicole follows Daniel to the island.
EJ and Eric have a discussion about Sami and Nicole.
Abby tells Cameron she has moved on.

Friday December 7:
Marlena confesses to John in front of Kristen.
Brady and Kristen make love again.
Kristen realizes it may be to her benefit to keep John in the dark for now about her and Brady.
Jennifer collapses at the island. They need to get her to the hospital!
Sami apologizes to Eric and worries he's setting himself up for a fall.

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