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Helpless Romantic

camera shy
Nov 17 2012, 11:48 AM
It's a shame this show wastes a goodlooking man like JS on these kind of storylines.
JS may be good looking but his character is a slime ball and thats the reason I think the PTB think they can have their cake and eat it too promoting him as both the romantic leading man and villian all in one. Unfortunately though something has to give and IMO he works best as the villian who will never quite get the girl he is obsessed with. If JS was played by a less attractive actor I doubt that the EJ character would be as apealing as he is in getting his obsession Sami because the actors have "great chemistry". That on its own is not enough when to sell this saga they both needed to in Sami's case act stupid and in EJ's case pretend that he has changed so Sami gives him a glance. Which is what Sami early on was spewing to get Austin without meaning it. So she never quite measured up as EJ I doubt ever will to Sami but that does not mean I'm going to subject myself to another round of stupid Sami while crumbs are dished out here and there. In an attempt to apease everyone.
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