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Nov 17 2012, 09:12 AM
Nov 17 2012, 12:33 AM
Nov 16 2012, 08:33 PM
I'm already beyond pissed that TomSell is stealing my cute, dimpled Phloe baby. If they kill Chloe too in the process just so freaking Dannifer can have Parker, I'm not sure what I'll do. :soapbox:

again: why are you so sure they're making parker daniel's?
there's no official spoiler for that. at least none that i've read
besides didn't these writers like/create phloe?
Peggy slipped up in an interview and said that it turns out Caroline couldn't even correctly change the paternity on the computer. So that would lead everyone to believe that Daniel ends up being Parker's father. There is no sign of Philip's return to the show and Chloe and Parker are coming home and mostly all we have heard is of her working with Daniel.

Odds are JKJ didn't want to come back so they're going to butcher Philip offscreen and have Chloe crawling back to Salem for Daniel's help. I do think the intention was for Parker to end up being Daniel's all along, since the beginning of the storyline. So I don't consider this a case of changing history, just an overall mistake that the writers always intended. The kids name is Parker for one. He's named after Daniel's mother...and Caroline is 100 years old trying to play with a computer? Plus there were a bunch of people who were messing with the computers. I always thought we were going to get a double reversal so Caroline would change the paternity after someone already did. So the kid would really be Philip's in the end, but we would think it was Daniel's for a while. But it looks like we are just going with Parker was always Daniel's and Caroline is an idiot. OR Caroline changed the test and Kate got to it in time to make Parker Philip's again. The 2nd sounds likely because Nancy and Chloe are clashing with Kate.
I don't think the intent was always to make Parker Daniel's son. Sydney is still Sami's child and still named Sydney, even though Nicole named her. And there are lots of other children on this show either named by someone else who turned out not to be the parent or who are named after their mom's boyfriend at the time. The show very deliberately hired babies that had deep dimples, just like JKJ's. I also think Higley made it pretty clear that she preferred Philip and Chloe together - she broke up the quad and shipped out Shelle and had Phloe reuniting when she took over - until Ed Scott stepped in. Then when she got control of the show back again, she again had Phloe working their way back to one another. And had Jay not left, I think that's the direction she would have continued to go (since right before he left, she basically had Philip and Chloe dating).

But what is completely impossible for me to believe is that neither Kate nor Victor (or Philip, for that matter) tested Parker again. It is so out of character for either of his parents to just accept that Parker is Philip's, given the deep hatred both of them have for Chloe.

I feel like the whole show right now is one big FU to Higley and MarDar and their stories. Ejole's baby - killed. MarDar's characters like Madison? Killed off. And they're back pimping the characters they wrote and loved - Daniel and Rafe (and everything would be worse if Melanie was still on the show).

So I consider it them changing history. I consider it them retconning the paternity of this baby. And just like I'm sick of Nicole's kids dying and her never being allowed to be a mother, I'm even more sick of Philip losing every single one of his children to another man. And in this case, it's just in a pathetic attempt to give one of the worst couples Days has ever had some sort of obstacle/storyline.
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