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I wish the baby was Philip's. I always felt like the intention was to eventually reveal the baby to be Daniel's. That's just my opinion. There was way too much mystery surrounding the baby. I'm not about to defend Higley or Tomlin. They're all terrible, but I don't think Tomlin is worried about erasing any of Higley's work just to do so. He was her boss. They were probably friends because he likely could have fired her at any time and they worked together for that entire run. Daniel and Rafe were Higley/Tomlin pets. Not just Tomlin's.

I agree with the Kate/Victor thing, but that's almost always how soap paternity tests go. Someone messes with one. You get another and accept it as fact. I would want like 10 tests and multiple independent tests after getting screwed over once, but they rarely do that. As for the name I don't recall someone given a maiden name of someone's family and end up with another family. It may have happened on another soap at some point, but I don't remember it. Philip should have changed the name right away, the kid was young enough. Why keep Daniel's mother's maiden name as the name of your kid? That's a constant reminder and its not a very common name so eventually questions would probably be asked. Why the hell am I named Parker? Oh, you're named after some guy mommy was sleeping with at the time's mother.

I hope to see Nancy rip Daniel's head off after Parker or Chloe or whoever is saved by savior Dan, but I'm sure she will be bowing down. And going after Kate. Kate is everyone's punching bag. I would rather see someone take down Daniel, but I will enjoy Nancy vs. Kate for whatever its worth.
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