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Sammie Jo
Nov 8 2012, 06:42 PM
Nov 8 2012, 03:51 PM
Phyllis questions a tremendously fragile Sharon

DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN! :redface: :redface: I wanted to be wrong but I knew it, soon as they Re-up that Nick/Avery/Phyllis/Ronan fuckage and it didn't work AGAIN they would bring these two together I Fucking knew it, I don't wanna see this lankey bitch no where near Sharon s/lines SC arc's have been on fire without the likes of her WHY would they want to throw MS back in here let that thing flow in on her own got damn s/lines...FUCK!!!!! Please let this just be a quick scene and nothing more PUHLEEZ.
wait a minute, you're getting all excited over one sentence?
That could mean anything, maybe phyliss finds sharon incoherent out on the street and is questioning her.
You need some "brownies" ;)
I agree about the spoilers, I think they're making them vague and misleading on purpose and I like it, makes you want to watch to see what's really going on.
Provided the Peabody-hungry CBS NEWS department doesn't BUTT IN and take up the whole frappin' hour with a presidential news conference or some other lame S :censored: !!!!!
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