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Kelly Malfoy

Nov 17 2012, 03:17 PM
Kelly Malfoy
Nov 17 2012, 02:49 PM
Me the idea of a baby in the couple cut the Wilson I want to watch. It is far too early because it just started their history. They have so much history to life before the baby. They killed their history with the story of the baby. I always hope that there is no baby in the end. Otherwise I do not look back.
And I don't understand the logic in wishing away a baby because it puts a damper on Will and Sonny? When the truth comes out, Sonny is probably going to be hurt but it's up to him to get over it or not. Will didn't cheat on him at the time and he is most likely going to want to be a father to this baby. If they were a straight couple, I could understand the paranoia here because there would always be the possibility of Gabi coming between them now that she's having Will's baby. But since they're gay, why the paranoia? So Will's going to be a dad but as far as we know he's still gay so how has this exactly "killed their history"? Just not getting the problem here. There is no real threat on canvas right now to the only gay couple in Salem.
I mean for me it is too early to do with a child. After that, it's how I feel. For me, it cut my interest in history just because they put together just getting started and already they are involved with a baby and they found three. I was hoping for another story and I am disappointed that the writers have chosen this story line there. But this is my personal opinion.
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