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I have mixed feelings about the John/Marlena/Kristen/Brady stuff. I like that it's something new and I don't know what's going to happen next, but so far the writing for them has been a little boring (church board, deleting messages, mugging, John being an idiot). I do think Brady & Kristen have some chemistry and it's just nice to see John, Marlena, & Kristen interacting again. Can't wait to see a throwdown between Kristen & Marlena. I like how Kristen is claiming to be a changed person, but is already creating tension between Jarlena and John/Brady. I think I want Brady/Kristen to hook up, but wouldn't mind a John/Kristen affair at some point. Hopefully Stefano will be added to the mix when he gets back. Have to see how it plays out, but I expect to be disappointed LOL.

Rafe walks in on a close moment b/t EJAMI? Haven't we seen this a million times already?
EJ arranges a menacing plot with Kristen - I hope this is something interesting and original. But, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a way to try to get Rafe out of the picture, then the truth will be revealed, and Sami will leave EJ for Rafe...again! :drunk:

Jennifer needs medical attention? What, another heart transplant so her love Daniel can come to her rescue? :puke: I can't deal with anymore Dannifer crap!
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