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Why are SAFE snooping around on Gabi's laptop? Generally, I don't like this WABI baby stuff, but it makes sense for the topic of abortion to come up. As we've speculated for a awhile, NABI are the engaged couple; and I'm sure Chad will reveal the truth at the wedding. Predictable. Whatever. I get that there needs to be angst for WilSon, but this unoriginal WABI baby story just isn't that intriguing to me.
As other have speculated, I wouldn't be surprised if Sonny hooks up with Brian. That way there will be some 'balance' in the wrong doings of Will & Sonny.

More of Daniel's hand issues-ugh! Just a way to give Dannifer more airtime. Can they please go away for awhile!

Caroline admits she messed with Parker's paternity - Well it's about damn time we get to see more baby & paternity drama on Days. I haven't had enough of that lately. I can't wait for Daniel to find out he has another kid & for him to get more airtime! :sarcasm:

Maggie is getting on my nerves.

Good to see Kate mentioned in the spoilers!

The writing for Brady/Kristen/John/Marlena is still a little lame, but at least we get Marlena/Kristen 'spat'! And there's some angst for Brady & Kristen.

So far the week sounds so so. :hmmph:
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