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Viewing Single Post From: Monday , November 19th Daily Discussion
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Nov 16 2012, 03:35 PM
She's not going to have an abortion. The drama ends if that happens. They always do this on soaps with teen pregnancies or adult-teen pregnancies. The mother always considers abortion but is ultimately talked out of it. Happened twice on OLTL with Starr and Destiny. If this were real life, I think Gabi would have an abortion. I would and I'm a couple years older than Gabi/Will.

Will proposing is sweet but it wouldn't solve anything and would just create more problems. Not to mention destroy their happiness with Sonny and Nick respectively. Will/Gabi could raise their child without getting married.

Sonny's changed his tune since the previous night. Let's see how he feels when he learns she's carrying his boyfriend's baby lol! :laugh:

I hope Gabi tells Nick she's pregnant soon. I like him being so protective, for all he knows Gabi's cracking from all the stress Chad's causing her. But Chad is the least of Gabi's problems now and Nick's pouncing on Will and Sonny when he has no reason to.

Mimi had an abortion. I dont think Gabi will, but it is possible.
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