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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

This is the first return of a major character in quite some time where there isn't a significant ex, spouse, or lover waiting for them to return to. While his story is really interesting all on its own sooner or later he will hook up with someone. Who do you think AJ should be paired with?

I liked Jason/Keesha a lot, but I think I LOVE AJ/Keesha. There was something extra special about them. Maybe it was AJ's vulnerability, or how he always lost in love and life, but Keesha put a spark in him. The way he would look at her and long for her, even when she was with Jason, broke my heart. When he finally got with Keesha, the secret that he caused her to lose her Jason put an extra layer of pain in the happiness he'd finally found with her. This is one GH storyline that could have been told for years. Alas, the writers had no clue.

Personally I want Keesha to return with a long lost AJ/Keesha child ;)
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