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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

With Chloe only coming back for a short time, I don't want Broe together. Just another heartache for him is not acceptable. I am sad that SJB wasn't kept on. Salem needed another woman in that age bracket and I would have liked BRADISON be married and happy for a little while.

I am not sure why TPTB have all these grown men losers running around Salem. Don't woman want happiness? With Lucas, Rafe, EJ, Daniel, & Brady at least one of them should have found true love and are able to get into a committed relationship. Is that so hard to ask? I am not sure what women 18-49 want to see on screen....but I don't think TPTB have any idea. These men are too old for woman chasing games. TPTB make them all seem like teenage boys or 20 somethings. Somehow they all lack confidence. They show zero in the romance department and are unable to get a woman to be with them for more than a few weeks or couple of months. It is just plain pathetic. Salem desperately needs a new 30 something woman to shake things up a bit.
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