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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

This whole Dannifer crap is too much to take.
TPTB are desperate to hook them up and make them lovers again before Chloe returns. I understand that Jen can't go there too fast becase of Jack's death, so they are creating some insta shit up to drive them together again. Isn't that how they ended up in the first place. Dan already saved her life and now he is going to save her again... just to make Jennifer get over that last hurdle of given in to her feelings for him.

Nothing can be done to save this paring. TPTB needed to show baby steps of romance and real push and pull of feelings and emotions between these characters. This goo-goo eye staring crap is boring and their is no real good sexual tension that is felt or seen to make ppl root for them as a couple.

Dannifer are just an example of every other relationship portrayed on canvas.
DAys has lost their ability to make a real soap. Insta pairing, Insta crap...Insta boring!

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