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Nov 18 2012, 09:54 AM
Thank goodness eric`s back & nicole is out of that triangled vortex of suck. Like i said before, lovin` everything about jarlena/kristen/brady, wilson, & ericole. Kudos to those storylines & players.
But, the fly in the ointment are these neverending sami triangles. Enough already. It has been done 2 death. This current ejami/rafe drama is T totally predictable. Sami will run around town confessing her love for rafe and claim that she has unresolved feelings for ej. She`ll have `tender run ins` with rafe. And then ejami will have scenes where sami will be `turned on` and breathe heavy on ej for an eppy. That`s basically what they`ve been doin` with sami 4 years now. Breathe heavy on ej and love the other man. After sitting thru the same scenario for years, it`s way past old/redundant for me. What i don`t like is lucas & rafe just wandering around listlessly while corday goes `lock/stock or whatever with ejami. Why can`t they move on with their lives? They should`ve never gotten rid of christie clark. At least she/galen had chemistry. But of course they fired her so that rafe could go back 2 chasing after sami. So i say bring carrie back or emily to town. Then they need 2 cast autumn for lucas.
I`m past tired of the samicentric focus with the men involved obviously the ones who lose everything.
THey really need some more women in that age group i thought it was stupid to get rid of carrie too
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