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I don't know why they keep insisting on Daniel as a front burner character when they KNOW
they messed up in the writing for him. They took him offscreen for a few weeks and when he returned, they put him right back in the same situations that made a lot of us dislike him in the first place. I don't understand their logic.

They should have had him lay low for awhile...just be a doctor...no passes on any ladies...maybe some scenes with his daughter. No dates. Just a supporting character. Then after the passage of some time, maybe he would have sparked with someone and we could have accepted it.

Instead, we see him constantly with some woman or other, proclaiming his love fairly frequently. We know that despite what he says, women seem pretty interchangeable to him, and his feelings for any of them are of a shallow nature. We can't trust his feelings for anyone because we've seen what happens when he breaks things off with someone. Within a week or two, he's got his eyes on someone new, his "broken heart" quickly mended.

In the old days, Maggie would have warned jennifer about getting involved with Daniel even if he is her son. She would have been very concerned about Jen. She would care about Daniel, but she would see his faults too, and call him on them. She would not put Jennifer in his path.

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