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camera shy

Nov 18 2012, 01:59 PM
What a bunch of disfunctional beings. Gabi is pregnant with Will's child...why should Johnny-come-lately obsessive Nick have anything to say about anything! Will needs to step up and claim his baby, not deny his parents their grandchild. Gabi and Will have seen first hand the results and consequences of hiding who are a child's true parents. And then there is EJ lurking in the background egging on Chad to do some God knows what revenge on Gabi, not knowing it is Sami's grandchild she's carrying. Of course, should some harm come to Gabi, EJ will never be blamed and he'll just "console" Sami and slide by again..... Oh well, it's just another depressing holiday season in Salem! :shrug: :drunk:
I think the fact that it's Sami's grandchild Gabi's carrying and it's been kept a secret and we having EJ urging Chad to get somekind of revenge on Gabi will be the straw that breaks ejami's back. In the past whenever EJ does do something manipulative and it involves Sami he always eventually exposed and pays the price of losing the twit again. So why should now be any different. I think everything will come to head by Feb sweeps, Safe will reunite , Nicole and Eric will be getting closer and EJ all alone, will start sniffing around Nicole again doing damage to her relationship with Eric.
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