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Nov 18 2012, 12:19 PM
Nov 17 2012, 04:02 PM
I have just watched the episode and loved the result and was happy to see Artis go home. The longer Jonathon Penner remains the stronger he looks. He can read most people so well.

I think Abi is just revolting and if everyone was wise they should take her to the end because if it is Abbi and any of the others sitting at the Final Tribal Council beside her they will win hands down and that includes Carter. I do not remember a player in 25 seasons of watching this show who looks at other survivors with so much venom and hate. I cannot imagine why someone so young is so full of anger. What a nasty old lady she is going to be.

Loved Penner's stradegy in the Reward Challenge :cheer:
Abi is right up there with Corinne & NaOnka imo. I dunno if Abi is as bad as NaOnka though.
I agree NaOnka was pretty bad LOL. There are some that stand out and yet other contestants are forgetable because they are not there long enough. I really disliked Colton and Alicia from One World as I mentioned in a previous post I absolutely loathed and destested Jenna and Heidi from Amazon especially that lazy bag of bones Heidi who said the older women in the tribe ( it was a male/female division to begin with) were threatened by the younger, good looking girls and she actually said that!!!!The older women were too busy doing all the work to even notice who was cute looking and who wasn't anyway. Jenna and Heidi were lazy and I believe Jenna was one of the most undeserving winners. However in saying that she obviously outsmarted and outwitted everyone. I just cannot stand that type of female at all.

It is funny when you think back at controversial moments in some of the Survivor Seasons and who could forget that Ghandia accusing Ted of "grinding" in season 5 Thailand LOL, she sealed her fate by doing that. Or in season 2 Australia Jerri accusing Kel of having Beef Jerky ( when all bags would have been checked for food anyway LOL) and she was forever thought of as the Villian.

I put this season right up there as one of my favourites but Pearl Islands, All Stars, Fans vers Villians and Australia remain my picks for seasons I have liked the most. I do love the show and never miss an episode. Who have been some who you have thought should not have won the season?I always thought Tina Wesson Australia winner was lucky to win, and of course Jenna winning Amazon, neither of those ladies impressed me.
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