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Nov 18 2012, 04:10 PM
Ugh, I hated Heidi. I grew to like Jenna more by the end as she seemed to grow up a bit. And Jenna seems to have a good head on her shoulder now.

I despised Alicia. I didn't mind Colton, probably because I used to play ORGS with him, so I kinda knew what he'd be like. I still chat with him on Facebook and AIM.
Oh Darrah I hope I have not offended you about Colton, I just did not like how he behaved and spoke to some of the people. I just remembered another player who was nasty Lindsay in Season 3. Remember how lazy all the young ones were in one tribe and then they switched the tribes!!! LOL and Lex got it wrong about Kelly. I did not mind Ethan winning. Jenna does seem okay now plus I did feel for her about her Mum being sick and of course when she passed away when she went home in All Stars. I disliked Heidi big time ( LOL probably because I was on the side of the older ladies because I am one!!!) I thought Jeane was a far better person who was sent home too soon.
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