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camera shy
Nov 18 2012, 11:01 AM
Nov 18 2012, 09:58 AM
Nov 18 2012, 09:54 AM
Thank goodness eric`s back & nicole is out of that triangled vortex of suck. Like i said before, lovin` everything about jarlena/kristen/brady, wilson, & ericole. Kudos to those storylines & players.
But, the fly in the ointment are these neverending sami triangles. Enough already. It has been done 2 death. This current ejami/rafe drama is T totally predictable. Sami will run around town confessing her love for rafe and claim that she has unresolved feelings for ej. She`ll have `tender run ins` with rafe. And then ejami will have scenes where sami will be `turned on` and breathe heavy on ej for an eppy. That`s basically what they`ve been doin` with sami 4 years now. Breathe heavy on ej and love the other man. After sitting thru the same scenario for years, it`s way past old/redundant for me. What i don`t like is lucas & rafe just wandering around listlessly while corday goes `lock/stock or whatever with ejami. Why can`t they move on with their lives? They should`ve never gotten rid of christie clark. At least she/galen had chemistry. But of course they fired her so that rafe could go back 2 chasing after sami. So i say bring carrie back or emily to town. Then they need 2 cast autumn for lucas.
I`m past tired of the samicentric focus with the men involved obviously the ones who lose everything.
THey really need some more women in that age group i thought it was stupid to get rid of carrie too
Well Carrie did come with a husband so she wouldn't be much go on the dating scene, but they desperately need some thirtysomething actresses. They should have kept Madison, I didn't like her with Brady but she might have worked with Lucas. And if Eric (I don't believe for a moment he's going to stay a priest) fails with Nicole who is he going to date? I wish they'd bring back Lindsay Hartley, but not as Ariana, just someone who happens to look like her and write her new character a hell of a lot better than they did before.
That reminds me. Shouldn't Carrie be getting ready to have her baby about now? I know she was at least a month or two behind Nicole. If they brought Carrie back, they'd either have her come back with a newborn or have to go with yet another miscarriage or stillborn death that happened offscreen. Either that, or Carrie and Austin split and he took the baby. None of these options is ideal, so we're unlikely to see her unless TomSell do another one of their whole-sale rewrites and pretend like the pregnancy never happened.

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