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Nov 18 2012, 04:03 PM
Nov 18 2012, 02:32 AM
Nov 17 2012, 04:13 PM
I am new to this site but have been following it for a while. I started watching Days because of Will and Sonny, but have become a HUGE fan of EJ. Unfortunately, I feel like I should stop watching it for a while. Based on the spoilers I am starting to develop a dislike for the character of Will. The idea that Sonny tells Lucas he is in love with Will, Lucas tells Will, and Will continues to lie to Sonny for the foreseeable future is a problem for me. The fact that even Nick will know makes it even worse. It makes it feel as if Adrienne was right all along and from the spoilers she will be. Sonny has turned down a great guy, stood up to his own mother, endured Kate's speeches of how careful he should be with Will, and been subjected to Lucas' unfair accusations and meddling all to be with Will. Having to watch Will disrespect this devotion for who knows how long will have me hating the character by the time the truth comes out. Since I know this couple is one the writers want to keep together or bring back together after the revelation I feel I need to stop watching now if I want to be happy with that outcome. I must admit to a not nice desire to make sure I am watching when the truth is revealed so I can watch Sonny dump Will. I really don't want to feel that way so I think I will take a hiatus. Hopefully, I can find some time to watch EJ when this storyline is not on.
How long are you watching days did start watching from clips of sonny and will from youtube

desupte i hate the bioplar writing for lucas which find very unbelievable to the character

comapre to days is not really meddling

will already shown disrespect and very little loyalty to people did anything for him during the years so him treat sonny he know less it nothing

I only began watching on the day that Sonny came back. I liked the Dimera Kiriakis feud s/l so I immediately began watching the entire show. Anything that happened before then character wise I am lost. Lucas as you point out has seemed bipolar just in that short amount of time. The treatment of Will in that time has been that he is good and kind, but struggling to do the right thing. It makes you feel for him and try to excuse him when he does wrong. I like the character and want to root for him, but I know I won't be able to if I have to watch him continue lying while Sonny plays the supportive, believing boyfriend.
I Had feeling you not watching that long
i am lucas fan so of course changing his tune just for sweeps you can not treat character of 20 years just because you for short term villan for wilson storyline but that what happen when the head writer 3 years when was hiring role and firing fire the actor play because he saw no use for lucas now he can not fire anyone but he can write the wrost writing even
but since i fan of lucas i know everthing about will and everthing about him clip wise as baby

so i knew you were not watching before you find more stuff of will dislike
i saying for months i feel sonny dereve better than will

i give you example will been the closet to lucas and later the closet to austin
he mad on his mom hurt rafe and for months but he was not mad when she hurt his dad at his relationship with mom was better than ever and he was not mad on rafe that he got between his uncle austin that he so close to him

will is close marlena and yet became bff with ej the guy who hurt her husband stuff like shoting him on the back steal his kindey and ect...[and i not even mention the bad stuff ej to closer people to will]

if the show treat will relationship that shown on screen for years since will was barley soras people prove willing to do anything for him to reduced and rewrite history to people like rafe and ej

so will treamet of sonny it not supprise at all it very predictable they already wrote in may that will use sonny to rafe find out about sami

the writing for will is very Frustrating for those who watch him for years and cared about his history

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