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Nov 18 2012, 04:20 PM
Oh, I wasn't offended lol. There was times when I used to bash Colton too. At another board, he created a topic about how Northerners were horrible people and how the South was much better. A lot of what we saw from Colton was true, but I do think he has grown up a bit since being on the show.

Yeah, I didn't like Lindsay either. I hated the whole younger Samburu alliance.

I still remember the look on Lex's, Tom and Kelly's faces when they saw how lazy that tribe had been and how they were picking off the oldies one by one. LOL remember Frank and Brandon at the Drive In date

I am so glad I have not offended you I would hate to think I had insulted some one's friend. I had to laugh at Colton saying that the South was better than the North in America, he was surely trying to be antagonistic making comments like that. I am Australian and my husband and I and our friends spent 7 weeks touring around numerous states in USA in August and September this year and we loved absolutely everywhere we went in both the North and South. Loved all of it and cannot wait till we can come again and see some more!!! :laugh: :laugh:
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