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Nov 18 2012, 06:46 PM
Nov 18 2012, 05:58 PM
I think it will be Joe who will show up for Christmas and JJ will come back to town sometime after the holidays.

As to the question of the two characters who are nude in this episode....hmm. Well, if we go with the locations identified in the first part of the episode, that might offer a clue. I doubt the nude scene happens at HTS or St. Luke's or the Coffee House. Sami's location at the beginning is still unknown. But if she's at a skating rink or the Brady pub, then that's an unlikely place for a nude scene. So, that leaves the Horton Living Room and the Kiriakis Mansion as among the location choices disclosed thus far. I'm going to guess that the scene takes place in either Act 6 or Act 7 and it's in a location that has yet to be revealed.

As for possible nude pairings, I'm going to rule out anyone in the senior set: Doug/Julie, Victor/Maggie. Also Tomlin seems to be ageist and anti-married couples when it comes to love scenes, so I'll also rule out John/Marlena and Justin/Adrienne. Probaly not Abe/Kayla. I also doubt the two nudes are any of the little kids splashing around in the bathtub.

So that leaves:
Sami and somebody (take your pick)
Brady and Kristen
Nick and Gabi
Chad and Abby (or maybe Abby and nuCameron)
Eric and Nicole

Am I leaving out anyone?

Not sure why the writers are opting for a nude scene on Christmas Day. Traditionally, Christmas is for the Santa visit (at the hospital, not HTS) and the Horton Tree trimming. A nude scene would make better sense on New Year's Eve, imo. But, then again, with these writers, whoever is sleeping together on Christmas Day might be broken up by New Year's and moved on to another flavor of the month.

Jason is giving us set locations for each act of Christmas Eve, but the nude characters appear on Christmas Day.
Thanks for clarifying. It's a little confusing on his website, where the scene-by-scene info is under "Soon it will be Christmas Day." But I see the Christmas Day stuff later, which thus far includes the Horton House, HTS and the hospital as locations.

Oh, well, my comment about the Christmas Day nude scene still stands. And I think the possible pairing are still pretty much the ones in play. I hope others will correct or add to the list as they prefer.

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