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Nov 18 2012, 05:30 PM
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Nov 18 2012, 03:20 AM

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I keep thinking there are so many similarities between the end of Ej and Nicole after Sydney and the end of EJ and Nicole this time.

1. Both did something reasonably bad when they were at a moment of greatest despair and loss.
2. Both lied about what they did because they thought the other one wouldn't continue to love/want them if they knew the truth.
3. They are both concerned a teenager will expose the truth.
4. Both had what they did exposed by Rafe.
5. Both were unable to put what the other one did behind them and move on because they felt it made them look like a fool.
6. Both find some fickle tramp who is reallly in love with another perfect person and convince themselves that they are in love with them.
7. For some reason fickle tramp goes along with the idea enough to give it legitimacy then dumps them for perfect person who realises they want fickle person after all.
8. In their anger and grief both went onto do things far more ludicrously hurtful to other people which caused them more pain in the end.
9. Both have near death experiences and end up in a hospital bed.
Ej and Nicole are so much alike, I don't get why TomSell refuse to write for them.

So much potential wasted. :shame:
Reminds me of Chez Rouge and EJ's summation of Lucas and Sami.

"They're basically the same person.."
EJ said SAmi and lucas were the same person? THats kinda funny but true
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