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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the Week of December 3rd
Gone, But Not Forgotten!

If TPTB were intent on changing Daniel's character to MR. Right, after his 3 week hiatus last year, then he should have never let him have sex with Nicole. Dicole sex/bonding was shit worthy. Clearly the schmuck used her and that just made Daniel same as a always was, an effin' manwhore. So much for fixing Dan....he slept with Nicole, just as many times as he slept with Jennifer on screen. So what gives?
I think Daniel just wants Jennifer b/c she doens't/didn't want him. IMO, Dr. DongMyShlong is the chase and conquer type and after he gets her, then he'll just throw her to the trash. I think Dr. D's agenda is to sleep with as many woman in Salem as he can. Makes me hurl!
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